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This plugin should be installed as a normal WordPress would using WordPress Plugin Uploader.

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The image configuration tabs allows you to add a background image for the related Visual Composer element, it also supports multiple image using css3 multiple background rule, background animation and parallax effect


The gradient tabs allows you to use css3 gradient as the background image for the related Visual Composer element


The gradient tabs allows you to use video as the background image, It will stretch the video to fit the background and display it using videobg javascript.


Fonts and Google Fonts

With the fonts tabs, user can define the custom fonts using google webfont library. the plugin will handle the webfont loading and the correct stylesheet for the related Visual Composer Element


Custom Templates

Some of the VisualComposer element will require to use the modified template as shipped with visualplus in order for it to work properly with this plugin.

In this example, we use "templates" as the folder to hold visual composer custom template, if theme already define this for you, please use that folder instead.

Steps to integrate the additional custom template :

1. Register the folder in the theme directory to VisualComposer, Skip this step if theme has already done this for you.


2. Copy the template found in visualplus/templates folder to the registereded theme folder eg. mytheme/templates

3. Check if the markup in vc_row.php can be injected to your theme or adjust as needed.



Thank you for the plugins authors that made this theme possible

  • Javascript

    • VideoBG - Syd Lawrence
    • Parallax - VĂ­ctor Ortega